About the Symposium

Aaniin! Trent University Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies is excited to host the Indigenous Research Ethics Symposium: Indigenous Research Ethics in a Digital World. This symposium is set to explore the implications of the free movement of information in a digitized, globalized world at the same time that Indigenous peoples are sharing and protecting Indigenous Knowledges with careful consideration.


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Indigenous Research Ethics in a Digital World


“In the digital age, governments are increasingly dependent on data and data analytics to inform their policies and decision-making. However, Indigenous Peoples have often been the unwilling targets of policy interventions and have had little say over the collection, use and application of data about them, their lands and cultures. At the heart of Indigenous Peoples’ demands for change are the enduring aspirations of self-determination over their institutions, resources, knowledge and information systems.”

– Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Policy, 2021

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